Scotland's Census 1911

1911 Scottish Census

The 1911 Scotland census was taken on the night of Sunday 2nd April 1911. The returns gave a population of 4,759,445, that is 2,307,603 males and 2,451,842 females, an increase of 287,342 from the 1901 census.

Around 9000 enumerators who had to be able to "write well" were appointed to collect the information from households. All living people were accounted for just after midnight. Those on boats were enumerated if they were within the jurisdiction of HM Customs and police helped enumerate thos vagrants sleeping under bridges and in sheds etc.

This was the last census taken prior to the First World War, in which almost 150,000 Scottish men perished. There was also a worldwide influenza pandemic between 1918 and 1919 in which around 22,000 Scots died.

The Scottish 1911 Census has been closed for 100 years in accordance with section 38 and 58 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

The main diferences between the 1901 census and 1911 census are :

  • Number of persons in house
  • Particulars as to marriage such as children born alive, duration of marriage, single, married, widowed etc
  • Industry or service with which worker is connected
  • Nationality if born in a foreign country
  • Whether deaf, dumb, blind, lunatic etc

The Scottish Census enumeration books take up an amazing 73.5 metres of shelving!