Why did your Ancestors settle in Kilsyth

Old Kilsyth

Old Parish Records

OPR's began in Kilsyth in 1619. Kilsyth is Parish no 483 in the County of Stirling.

The Name

Kilsyth was originally spelled Kelvesith, meaning 'Kelving-lands', the area around the headwaters of the River Kelvin

The Early Years

The Civil War Battle of Kilsyth took place on hillsides between Kilsyth and Banton, North Lanarkshire in 1645. Kilsyth was later closely associated with the various attempts by the Jacobites to regain the crown.

The 1700 and 1800s

The traditional town of Kilsyth was renowned for farming, hand loom weaving and mining industries.

The town was rich in minerals such as coal, whinstone, ironstone and limestone.

In 1746, Kilsyth opens World's first Curling Club which survives to this day. Curling was played on the Curling pond in the Colzium Estate in the East of the Town.

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