What about your Auchterarder ancestors?


Old Parish Records

OPR's began in Auchterarder in 1661. Auchterarder is Parish no 329 in the County of Perth.

The Name

Auchterarder is known locally as 'The Lang Toon' which is a name derived from its extended High Street.

The Early Years

Auchterarder gained its title of Royal burgh in 1200 when the Kinds used to hunt nearby. In 1715 after the battle of Sherriffmuir the town was burned to the ground by retreating Jacobites. In the severe winter of 1715-16 a very large proportion of the people of Auchterarder died of cold and starvation.

In medieval times it used to be a centre for making Chain male for armour. There are still many families in the area withe the surname 'Mailer'.

The 1700 and 1800s

Rebuilding of the town was slow (it took over 60 years to recompense the villagers for their loss) but it became an important centre for hand loom weaving.

The coming of the railways and improved road network saw Auchterarder regain its burgh status for a short time.

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