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Our family genealogy business in Scotland started out over 20 years ago (as a Scottish history graduate) researching friends and overseas Scottish family trees through regular visits to the General Register Office for Scotland in Edinburgh, official home of Scotland's public records.

Genealogy in Scotland has become a richly rewarding lifetime passion since each search is a unique opportunity to bring a family's previously undiscovered Scottish history to life and provides you with deeply personal and fascinating glimpse into your Scottish roots. This passion has grown through word of mouth recommendation into 'Scottish Ancestors', the business we are today having conducted thousands of searches, as a result of the pleasure of discovery that our ancestry research provides.

We pride ourselves on the quality, commitment and enthusiasm we bring to each unique Scottish Ancestry search project because we know the immense personal pleasure and fascination that our customer's experience when their Scottish heritage is revealed.

Register House for Scottish Ancestry research

General Register House, Edinburgh where we will research your Scottish Ancestors (Reproduced by kind permission of the Registrar General for Scotland)

Our Services

We have three Scottish Ancestry packages to suit your needs and budget:

Crofter's Package (Mid 1800s)

  • Bring your Scottish Ancestry to life. Connect your living relatives back to Scotland in the mid 1800s in this beautifully presented family tree report which you can share with friends and family at Christmas time. This report contains both maternal and paternal lines.

Price £245

Laird's Package (Early 1800s)

  • Our most popular Scotland genealogy package is sure to impress your friends and engage your family in the story of their Scottish ancestor's past. Discover your rich Scottish heritage back to the time of the Highland Clearances from our comprehensive research of Old Parish and Statutory records held at Register House, Edinburgh, home of genealogy in Scotland. This package includes both maternal and paternal lines.

Price £545

Royal Package (Mid 1700s)

  • Trace your family's Scottish roots back to the earliest Old Parish records and wills in the mid to late 1700s. Meticulously researched and professionally presented in report and (optional) presentational book format. Embellished with images, maps, photographs and supporting verification documentation this 'Scottish Ancestors' package will become a family heirloom to be passed down the generations. This package contains an entire family tree with all lines of enquiry thouroughly researching all your ancestors as far back as possible.

Price £895

We can also carry out one off specific searches if required. Contact us with your request.

If you have already researched your family tree but would like to know more we can offer some free help.

Why choose us?

Census Image for Scottish Ancestry Research

  • Need a gift in a hurray? We can provide you with an e-gift certificate while we get on with the research and report
  • As experienced genealogists, we do not just simply search the official records in Edinburgh, we also search monumental inscriptions and local historical references etc to bring your family's story to life
  • We are highly competitive on price and offer a money back guarantee if we cannot trace your Scottish ancestor
  • Unlike other research companies who work by the hour, we offer a total cost for the research and report no matter how complex
  • Our reports are beautifully and uniquely presented making your Scottish genealogy investigation a family heirloom or a fabulous gift for Christmas or birthdays.
  • Our long established reputation was built on personal service in which we pride ourselves
  • We have a wealth of experience and will supplement any investigation with as much background detail from a variety of sources to paint a truly unique picture of your Scottish ancestor's lives
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Let us bring Scotland's genealogy to life!

Scotland's Census taken on 2nd April 1911 is now available after 100 years providing a vital link to our ancestors and their lives in 1911. View more information on the 1911 Census for Scotland.

Newly available are the 1905 valuation rolls which are a rich source of historical research. View more information on the 1905 and 1915 Valuation Rolls for Scotland.

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